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Briefly in English

Tapio – your partner in sustainable forestry

Tapio is a leading provider of forest management related advisory and consulting services in Finland. We offer services both to the private and public sectors in Finland and are also active internationally.

Our key areas of expertise include sustainable forest management, forest resources inventory, forest management planning, forest and bioeconomy policies and climate change mitigation and adaptation. We provide consulting services, auditing and training services, and we develop software specifically for forest management planning purposes. Tapio is a major producer of forest tree seeds and we have our own publishing company called Metsäkustannus specializing in nature and forest-related publications and products.

Tapio in brief

1. Developing sustainable forestry

2. About us

3. Products and services

4. Key areas of expertise

5. References

6. Contact us

1. Developing sustainable forestry

Tapio offers a wide range of products and services related to sustainable management and use of forests.  One example of Tapio’s services is the Best Practice Guidelines for Sustainable Forest Management, developed and maintained through a nationwide process and coordinated by Tapio. These guidelines are prepared in extensive collaboration, involving researchers, forest owners, forest industry, NGOs, practitioners, etc.  The guidelines are continuously updated in order to reflect the most recent scientific knowledge and societal values among the key stakeholders as well as the main targets set by the Finnish national forest policy. The development work related to the guidelines is financed by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Read more from Best Practice Guidelines for Sustainable Forest Management.

Our expertise helps our customers when adapting to the challenges and opportunities of global megatrends, such as climate change, digitalization and circular economy. We integrate the recent findings on climate change adaptation and mitigation in our guidelines and other projects. Many of our t projects – both domestic and international – are related to the digitalization of forest management planning, deployment of the management guidelines as well as to  related training and education.

Tapio’s expertise in forest biodiversity issues is widely valued among Finnish forestry organizations. Tapio has a major role in implementing strategic projects related to national biodiversity targets which are defined in the National Forest Strategy.  Tapio provides expert services to public and private forestry organizations related to assessments and monitoring of forest management practices specifically from the biodiversity point of view.

2. About us

Tapio’s history goes back to the year 1907.  At the beginning, our main task was the enforcement of forest legislation along with advisory and education services. Over the years, Finnish forestry and Tapio have developed together. Today, we provide consulting and expert services in the field of forest management  and we are a 100% Finnish Government owned company. Our staff consists of forestry professionals and media experts.

Tapio Group comprises two companies: Tapio Ltd and Tapio Palvelut Ltd.

Facts and figures

  • The leading advisory and consulting service provider in the field of forest management in Finland.
  • Established in 1907
  • Owned by Government of Finland
  • Turnover EUR 10 million
  • Employs some 60 professionals.
  • Tapio’s main office is in Helsinki.
  • Auditing services covering hundreds of sites and tens of customers
  • TAPIO ForestKIT Forest Management System is helping to manage over 1 million hectares of forest land in Finland
  • Over 1,5 miljon sessions and 6,7 million page views in Tapio’s web pages
  • Metsälehti magazine’s circulation is about 32 000 copies with 172 000 readers.
  • We publish forestry news (Metsäuutiset) on our website every weekday.
  • Metsäkustannus is the main publisher of forestry books. We publish yearly about 4titles relating to forestry, nature and hobbies. 
  • Half of the finnish forests are reforested by Tapio’s seed

3.  Products and services

Consulting services and training

Tapio’s consulting services provide solutions for sustainable and efficient forest management and forest-based bioeconomy.  We offer different types of training services ranging  from one-day courses to extensive training modules lasting several months. Open Training sessions offered to a wide range of participants brings together forestry professionals working for different types of businesses and according to customer feedback, this has generated fruitful debates and discussions well supporting the training itself. We also offer interactive weblearning and organize webinars for different size groups.


Forest tree seeds

Tapio Seed Centre produces top quality spruce, pine and birch tree seeds for forest sowing and nurseries representing  almost half of the forest tree seeds used in Finland. In addition to a wide and high-quality selection of seeds, the Seed Centre provides up-to-date expert assistance and it works in close cooperation with the leading researchers in this field.

Tapio owns about 400 hectares of seed orchads which produce breeded pine, spruce, birch and larch seeds. Trees originating from seed orchads are capable of producing more and better quality wood material, and they are more resistant to pests and fungicides.


Digital solutions, forest management systems

TAPIO ForestKIT is a tool for forest management professionals. The ForestKIT application is used by private entrepreneurs, cities, municipalities, organizations responsible for community forests, and large forest owners. The application is fully web-based, and technical support is included in the service package.

TAPIO Maastotaulukot (Field  Charts) is a handy mobile application for forestry specialist and forest owner for field work. From the application, forest professionals and forest owners can find quickly, effortlessly and reliably an up-to-date answer to questions such as: Is it time for a thinning? How valuable is a tree? Should I protect the environment surrounding a stream? What methods are available for water conservation? What is trending now in the forest sector?

Auditing  Services 

Tapio´s Quality Control services provide neutral assessment on how forest management and ecological requirements have been implemented in practice. High-quality forest management is about making right decisions in right time. Choosing the correct silvicultural and/or harvesting methods, timing of operations and especially quality of the operations can have a major effect on the profitability.

Magazines, books and digital publications with forest and nature focus

Metsäkustannus is a multi-channel publishing house specialising in forestry. We are the leading provider of forestry information in Finland. Our business idea is to improve private forestry by publishing forestry information in various ways. Read more on our publications. 



4.Key areas of expertise:

Nature and environmental aspects are integrated in our concept of sustainable forests management. We provide expert services in nature, environment and water management as well as ecosystem services.

We offer knowledge on these issues:

  • Sustainable forest management
  • Forest and bioeconomy policies
  • Ecosystem services
  • Multiple use of forests
  • Forest resources inventory and forest management planning
  • Bio-based policy development
  • Forest analyzes and maps
  • Forest based bioenergy
  • Climate change mitigation & adaption
  • Bioeconomy and circulation economy
  • Protection of waters
  • Information and education to forest owners and forest professionals.
  • Forest road planning, construction and maintenance.

5. References

Forest Policy Forum

  • The Forest Policy Forum is a continuous process, where we bring together researchers and forestry actors to process current topics
  • The aim of the Forest Policy Forum is to produce facts and suggestions in the spirit of Evidence-based forestry
  • Results are used in forest policy and allocation of forest research resources.

National developmenet project Monimetsä

  • The project aims to improve the effectiveness of forest nature management measures and the ecological sustainability of forest management.
  • Tapio’s role in the project is to give expert support for the project team in making the project products such as education, communication and materials.
  • Project owner: The ministry for forestry and agriculture

Koli Forum

  • The Koli Forum  is a high level discussion forum for global leaders focussing on the sustainable use of  natural resources The aim of the Forum is to emphasize the importance of sustainable use of natural resources and opportunities available through bioeconomy.
  • Dr. Liisa Käär from Tapio has been the secretary general of Koli Forum since 2015.

Best Practices for Sustainable Forest Management

Auditing Services  

  • Our auditing services provide our customers with verified data on the quality of their operations
    Customers: UPM, Tornator, Stora Enso and Vapo


  • A leading software suite for forest management planning and forestry operations
  • Customers: forestry entrepreneurs and big forest owners. Cities and municipalities as well as forestry education

Forest road construction in Finland and Russia

  • Projects of forest road maintenance, project increasing subsidized forest nature management. Project increasing subsidized forest road construction and peatland forest improvement.
  • Several training sessions of forest road construction for Finnish and Russian forestry companies in North-Western Russia.

Developing suggestions for cooperation in forestry between Finland and Tunisia

  • Customer: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland

6. Contact us:

Find Tapio’s contact information and people here.

Please, send us a message by this contact form.

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