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Contact us

Company information

Our office is located in the middle of Helsinki, Länsi-Pasila.

Tapio Group
Maistraatinportti 4 A
00240 Helsinki

Phone:  +358 294 32 6000
Email: tapio(ät)

VAT No.  2660009-8


Request for proposal

Send us a message by email or by  contact form. We will provide an initial response to you request.


Anne Ilola – CEO of the Tapio Group

Mobile: +358 50 5728448





Tapio Ltd and Tapio Silva Ltd

Olli Äijälä – CEO Tapio Silva Ltd

Phone: +358 40 582 9676




Liisa Käär-  Project Manager, coordination of Tapio’s international activities.

Phone: +358 40 520 0134

Areas of expertise: Forest economics, sustainability issues in global forest industry, forest product markets.

Ongoing projects and experience: Secretary General of Koli Forum Association – high level discussion forum for global leaders on sustainable use of natural resources (, impact assessments related to various EU climate-related legislative proposals, analyses regarding science-policy-practice interphase in the context of European forestry, planning the EU Bioeconomy Conference for the upcoming Finnish EU Presidency, member in the Sino-Finnish forestry working group, work experience in global forest industry and consulting business in North America and Europe.



Kalle Vanhatalo – Director Tapio Silva Products

Mobile: +358 40 192 1874




Henry Schneider – Forest resource expert

Mobile: +358 40 160 8564


Areas of expertise and experience: Forest management, forest inventory, forest management planning, GIS, forest certification, peatland forest management, forestry-related software development (definition and design, implementation, training)

Ongoing projects and experience: Forest certification-related projects, digitalization of forest management guidelines, “Forest Policy Forum”. Software development for forest management planning and inventory, regional forest actions plans.  Work experience from North Africa, Indonesia, Canada, Russia and Sweden. Fluent in Finnish, Swedish, French and English.


Mikko Lumperoinen – Forest Resourse Expeert – Digital products development

Phone: +358 50 358 6020




 Ilppo Greis  – Expert on Forest Improvement

Mobile: +358 40 720 7139

Areas of expertise and experience: Forest road constructing, peatland forest improvement and water conservation, forest and forest nature management, forestry subsidies and software development of subsidies (definition and design, implementation, training)

Ongoing projects and experience: Projects of forest road maintenance, project increasing subsidized forest nature management. Project increasing subsidized forest road construction and peatland forest improvement, audit of forest management of company forests. Several training         sessions of forest road construction for Finnish and Russian forestry companies in North-Western Russia.

Lauri Saaristo – Project Manager

Mobile: +358 40 573 9168

Areas of expertise and experience: ecology, sustainability, sustainable development, forest nature management, forest certification, biodiversity oriented forest management, ecological restoration, ecological decision support systems, e-learning

Ongoing projects and experience: Developing forest management guidelines, implementing best practices for biodiversity conservation in private forestry operations, Developing the implementation of the biodiversity protection program for Southern Finland (METSO), Chair of The          Finnish Expert Group for Forest Restoration (part of the part of the Finnish Board on Ecological Restoration FBER).


Tapio Seed centre

Hannu Niemelä – Forest Seeds Director

Email: hannu.niemelä
Mobile: +358 40 585 0005




Sakari Pönniö – Seed Manager

Mobile: +358 40 552 0508





Eliisa Kallioniemi – Editor- in-Chief
Mobile: +358 40 5164000

Areas of expertise and experience: Editor-in-Chief of Metsälehti, Metsälehti Makasiini and Forestry magazine Metsälehti has about 32 000 subscribers, mainly private forest owners, and the website over 70 000 visitors each month.