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Tapio is a leading provider of forest management related advisory and consulting services in Finland. We offer services both to the private and public sectors in Finland and are also active internationally.

Tapio – your partner in sustainable forestry

Our key areas of expertise include sustainable forest management, forest resources inventory, forest management planning, forest and bioeconomy policies and climate change mitigation and adaptation. We provide consulting services, auditing and training services, and we develop software specifically for forest management planning purposes. Tapio is a major producer of forest tree seeds. We publish a forestry magazine Metsälehti and books about forests as well as maps and location data for both consumers and business associates.

Tapio’s history goes back to the year 1907.  At the beginning, our main task was the enforcement of forest legislation along with advisory and education services. Over the years, Finnish forestry and Tapio have developed together. Today, we provide consulting and expert services in the field of forest management and we are a 100% Finnish Government owned company. Our staff consists of more than 70 professionals and media experts.

One example of Tapio’s services is the Best Practice Guidelines for Sustainable Forest Management, developed and maintained through a nationwide process and coordinated by Tapio. These guidelines are prepared in extensive collaboration, involving researchers, forest owners, forest industry, ENGOs, practitioners, etc. The guidelines are continuously updated in order to reflect the most recent scientific knowledge and societal values among the key stakeholders as well as the main targets set by the Finnish national forest policy. The development work related to the guidelines is financed by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Our expertise helps our customers when adapting to the challenges and opportunities of global megatrends, such as climate change, digitalization and circular economy. We integrate the recent findings on climate change adaptation and mitigation in our guidelines and other projects. Many of our projects – both domestic and international – are related to the digitalization of forest management planning, deployment of the management guidelines as well as to related training and education.

Tapio’s expertise in forest biodiversity issues is widely valued among Finnish forestry organizations. Tapio has a major role in implementing strategic projects related to national biodiversity targets which are defined in the National Forest Strategy. Tapio provides expert services to public and private forestry organizations related to assessments and monitoring of forest management practices specifically from the biodiversity point of view.

Facts and figures

  • The leading advisory and consulting service provider in the field of forest management in Finland.
  • Established in 1907
  • Owned by the Government of Finland
  • Turnover EUR 10,6 million
  • Employs over 70 professionals.
  • Tapio’s main office is in Helsinki.
  • Auditing services covering hundreds of sites and dozens of customers
  • TAPIO ForestKIT Forest Management System is helping to manage over 1 million hectares of forest land in Finland
  • Over 1,5 million sessions and 6,7 million page views in Tapio’s web pages
  • Metsälehti magazine’s circulation is about 33 000 copies with 196 000 readers.
  • has more than 100 000 monthly readers.
  • We publish yearly about 30 books relating to forestry, nature and hobbies.
  • Half of the Finnish forests are reforested by Tapio’s seed
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