Tapio is a leading provider of forest management related advisory and consulting services in Finland. We offer services both to the private and public sectors and are also active internationally.

TAPIO – ForestWise

A neutral expert and defender of forests and their responsible use

Tapio redefines forest business operating models, produces content and offers multichannel services for utilizing forest information and forest news feed services.

Tapio promotes adaptation to climate change with new services. For example, Tapio’s tree seeds enable growth and preparedness to climate change.

Our key areas of expertise include sustainable forest management, forest resources inventory, forest management planning, forest and bioeconomy policies and climate change mitigation and adaptation. We provide consulting services, auditing and training services, and develop software specifically for forest management planning purposes.

Tapio is also a major producer of forest tree seeds and the publisher of Finland’s leading forestry magazine Metsälehti as well as books about forests, maps and location data for both consumers and business partners.

For more than 110 years Tapio Group has amassed forest knowledge and cultivated its sense of the forest

Tapio is a neutral, experienced and wise forest expert with one main aim: The best possible well-being of Finnish forests and with that the well-being of the Finnish people. Tapio offers the latest research-based facts and expert services and efficient solutions for the sustainable use of forests.

The Finnish society lives in harmony with the forest, with knowledge and respect, producing innovations. The forest is our past as well as our future. Tapio’s experts produce various tools using science and forest knowledge to further develop the future of Finnish forests responsibly.

Forest issues. Evolving in time.

Tapio’s history began in 1907 when Finnish Forest Management Society Tapio was founded. The company has followed the path of Finland’s development from gaining independence, the war years and rebuilding and industrialization to today’s bioeconomy. Advice and education of forest management, overseeing the implementing of forest laws and different forest improvement methods have evolved into today’s specialist expertise, forest bioeconomy and geographical information expertise.

Now best practices, alternative forest management solutions, and the impact of different decisions are at the core. Tapio’s basic function is the development of sustainable forestry and practices as well as distribution of forest and nature information.

Forest magazine Metsälehti has been part of Finnish forest economy readers’ lives since 1933. The magazine has maintained its reputation as a foremost, neutral forest expert and forest economy communicator. Metsälehti spreads the news of good forest management to forest owners, professionals and other interested parties.

Tapio’s strong handprint is visible in the Best Practice Guidelines for Sustainable Forest Management, which the company has been composing for over one hundred years for the benefit of Finnish forests. Today, the practices that are based on the principles of sustainable development, are made in cooperation with forest owners, the forest industry, and nature and social organizations, led by Tapio. As a responsible producer of information and developer of bioeconomy Tapio is making a concrete mark on society and the environment.

Tapio’s growth business, cultivation of seeds and saplings that can better withstand the effects of climate change, is a concrete example of putting our know-how into practice, for the benefit of future generations.

Tapio is a forest, nature and GI pro, whose expertise is valued in finding solutions to combat climate change by using forests and nature in a sustainable, responsible and diverse manner. Research-based, neutral facts and alternative procedures raise climate and biodiversity issues on the same level with economical values.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct describes Tapio’s responsible and ethical way of conducting its business. We are strongly committed to our ethical principles, and also require our partners to follow the same principles.

Responsible and ethical conduct is a principle followed by the entire Tapio group. It is an obligation for all our employees. The Tapio Group’s Code of Ethics guide and obligate our employees in all our business and other activity.

For reporting all breaches of the Code of Conduct, we have installed a secure reporting channel in compliance with the requirements of the EU’s Whistleblower directive. All reports will be handled confidentially, and they can be submitted completely anonymously.

Link to the WhistleB reporting channel: https://tapio.ilmoituskanava.fi

Appendix: Tapio’s Code of Conduct

Facts and figures

  • The leading advisory and consulting service provider in the field of forest management in Finland
  • Established in 1907
  • Owned by the Government of Finland
  • Turnover EUR 13 million
  • Employs over 80 professionals
  • Tapio’s main office is in Helsinki
  • Auditing services covering hundreds of sites and dozens of customers
  • TAPIO ForestKIT Forest Management System is helping to manage over 1 million hectares of forest land in Finland
  • Over 1,5 million sessions and 6,7 million page views in Tapio’s web pages
  • Metsälehti magazine’s circulation is about 33 000 copies with 196 000 readers
  • www.metsalehti.fi has more than 100 000 monthly readers
  • We publish about 30 books relating to forestry, nature and hobbies annually
  • Half of the Finnish forests are reforested by Tapio’s seeds
  • Anne Ilola
  • Toimitusjohtaja
  • anne.ilola(at)tapio.fi
  • +358 29 432 6008
  • Olli Äijälä
  • Liiketoimintajohtaja, asiantuntijapalvelut
  • olli.aijala(at)tapio.fi
  • +358 29 432 6074